Steam Cleaning

Kwik Dry Carpet Cleaning has been caring for the finest floors and fabrics since 1967 and employs a unique process that involves a superior vacuuming system combined with an oxygenated citrus cleaner. The treatment dries in about an hour, hence “Kwik Dry”, and not only cleans your home or business, but leaves a fresh scent. Many misconceptions exist about the typical steam cleaning methods that most companies use. Few realize the potential damage that high temperature steam treatments cause. The amount of water left in the carpet after cleaning causes long drying times and therefore mold and mildew have a chance to develop in the under-pad causing health hazards and a bad odor.

The world is now concerned with conservation and “going green”. Kwik Dry has used an all-natural citrus carpet cleaning process for over 40 years. Our cleaning agents are environmentally safe for your children, pets or family members. Your carpets will be clean and dry in approximately one hour. We are the original oxygenated Kwik Dry Green Cleaners.

Our mission is to provide you with an outstanding service experience. We are committed to prompt arrivals, and clear, honest communication throughout the service experience. Our staff will arrive in a professionally lettered vehicle, in uniform, ready to serve you in the most courteous manner possible. Call All-Star Kwik Dry carpet cleaning at 647-523-5945 right now for exceptional service and satisfaction that will keep you using us forever.

Kwik Dry is an international, total cleaning company that has been constantly expanding since its founding in 1967. Innovation has been the cornerstone.

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